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PHI - Philippines choose Gr. A; Iran, China, Korea to battle it together in Gr.C

MANILA, Philippines (27th FIBA Asia Championship):  Hosts Philippines exercised their right as hosts and opted to play in Group A in the Preliminary Round competition of the 27th FIBA Asia Championship, the draw for which was concluded at the host city on Thursday.

The other three teams – Jordan, Chinese Taipei and Saudi Arabia  – were drawn in Group A before Philippines used their privilege of opting their choice of group for the Prelim Round. The top three teams from Group A will qualify for the Second Round where they will take on the top three teams from Group B.

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Japan, Qatar and Lebanon were first drawn in Group B and Hong Kong joined them after Philippines’ choice.

Group C poses a veritable clash of big guns with China, Iran, Korea – the three who between them have won 19 gold medals in FIBA Asia Championships – all drawn together in the first three rounds of the draw. A qualifier yet to be identified from SEABA joined them. The top three teams from Group C will play against the top three teams of Group D.

Group D saw Kazakshtan, India and a qualifier yet to be identified from SEABA drawn to start with and Bahrain joining them later on.

“With the successful completion of the Draw Ceremony, the stage set for the competition at the 27th FIBA Asia Championship, the biggest event in FIBA Asia. In other words, the countdown has begun to identify the Champion of FIBA Asia,” said FIBA Asia Secretary General Hagop Khajirian who presided over the conduct of the Draw Ceremony.

“FIBA Asia assures Samahang Basketbol Ng Pilipinas (the National Federation of Philippines), the hosts of the event all and necessary support towards the successful conduct of the competition. And going by the impressive manner things moved in the Draw Ceremony, we are confident that the event too under SBP will be a grand success,” he added.

Khajirian further clarified that the names SEABA1 and SEABA2 were only symbolic at this stage.

“Lots will be drawn to identify which team will be called SEABA1 and which SEABA 2 after the qualifiers are spotted at the end of the 10th SEABA Championship to be played in Medan (Indonesia) from June 20-23,” he said.

Draw Procedure

The draw was conducted under the Pure Draw system using two bowls, where boxes with names of 15 teams were put into one bowl and boxes with names of the group into another. Each time a team was drawn along with the name of the group to determine which group they will play in. Philippines as the hosts had the luxury of drawing the 13th pick after three teams each had been drawn into the four groups. The remaining teams were filled into the other three groups after Philippines’ choice of group.

Groupings for Preliminary Round

Group A: Chinese Taipei, Jordan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia.

Group B: Hong Kong, Japan, Lebanon, Qatar.

Group C: China, Iran, Korea, SEABA2.

Group D: Bahrain, India, Kazakhstan, SEABA1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lots will be drawn once again to identify which team will be called SEABA 1 and which team SEABA 2, irrespective of the results in the 10th SEABA Championship to be played in Medan (Indonesia) from June 20-23.

The top three teams from each group will advance to the Second Round in the following manner.


Second Round Groupings

Group E:  A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3

Group F: C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, D3

Each team will play the three (3) new teams in its own group (the results of games played against the fellow qualifying teams in the Preliminary Round are valid for this round). The top four from each group in the Second Round will advance to the knockout quarterfinal stage.

QUARTERFINALS: QF1: F2 v E3. QF2: F4 v E1. QF3: E2 v F3. QF4: E4 v F1.

SEMIFINALS: SF1: Winner QF1 Vs. Winner QF2; SF2: Winner QF3 Vs. Winner QF4

MEDAL GAMES: Gold: Winner SF1 Vs. Winner SF2; Bronze: LoserSF1 Vs. Loser SF2.

Note: The two finalists along with the bronze medalists will qualify for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

About 27th FIBA Asia Championship

Manila, the capital of Philippines, will play host to 16 top teams from six different FIBA Asia sub-zones to identify the Champion men’s team of FIBA Asia.

The FIBA Asia Championship, played every two years, is the most important event in FIBA Asia involving the top men’s National Teams.

The 27th FIBA Asia Championship, also the qualifying event for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, will be held from Aug 1-11 at Manila.

The top the three teams from Manila will all qualify directly for the biggest basketball event in the world.

The 27th FIBA Asia Championship is the third occasion when Manila will host this prestigious event, but the first in 40 years.


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